Data Plan Extend Validity

Flexiroam offers travellers a range of data plans to suit virtually every itinerary.

The new Daytona USA will bear a striking resemblance to the old.Traditional carriers offer expensive, inflexible roaming options

Oh won't you stay, just a little bit longer?

Local Plans come in options:

3 Day | 8 Day | 15 Day | 24 Day

Flexiroam team have come up with another 1st Extend Validity feature this latest featurew is the late checkout of travel data.

Extend Validity for Data Plan

  1. Choose the plan you wish to extend by tapping View my plans
  2. Tap Extend Validity
  3. You are presented with a range of extension options
    • 1 day extension USD $1.00
    • 3 day extension USD $2.99
    • 5 day extension USD $3.50
  1. Choose the extension you wish to apply
  2. Review the pricing and extension and tap Confirm Order
  3. Success! Your Data Plan has now been extended